Agencies of the Month Update: May & June

In May, our Quote Leader was Imming Insurance!  They were followed by Ziegler Jacob Ins., Wohltman-Aherin and Mitchell Ins.  Our Production Leader was 1st time winner, Goodman Agency followed very closely by Wohltman-Aherin!

In June, our Quote Leader is Wohltman-Aherin, followed by Ziegler Jacob, Koch Ins. and Goodman Agency.  Our Production Leader is 1st  time winner, Simmermaker Ins. Agency!  They were followed closely by the Goodman Agency!

Congratulations and thank you everyone!  Be on the lookout for social media spotlights on the winners!

Claims Reminder

If you need to turn in a claim for one of your insureds, the most efficient way to expedite the claim is to submit it through our online IMT Dashboard system.  This is the most direct path to an adjuster and notifies them immediately.  To do it, simply look up your insured through Web Inquiry and click “Submit Claim” in the upper right corner of the screen.  This tool is only available to agents.  Stay safe everyone!