Agencies of the Month Update: May & June

May:  This month our top Quoting Agency is Wohltman-Aherin of Dieterich!  Other top quoting Agencies were Squier Ins, Goodman Agency, Bryant Ins, and Taylor, Dodd & Wood Ins.  Our top Producing Agency of the Month is Squier Ins Agency of Hardin and Pleasant Hill!  Other top producers were Whitfield Ins, Wohltman-Aherin, Ziegler Jacob, and Draper Ins.

June:  It’s hard to beat the team at Wohtman-Aherin!  They are our top Quoting Agency again this month and 2nd place in production.  But wait!  A new name has won the title for Production this month: Dimond Bros. of Centralia! Other hard workers in the quoting category this month were Imming Ins, Whitfield Ins, Agencies Ins Source, and Goodman Agency.  Some great Producers this month were Agencies Ins Source, Draper Ins, and Squier Ins.

Congratulations and thank you everyone!  We are so proud and grateful to work with great agents like you!  Be on the lookout for social media spotlights on the winners!  We will continue promoting and highlighting our hardworking agents in 2021!