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Agencies of the Month Update: July & August

July & August look pretty similar:  Imming Insurance Agency in Carlyle won both months for Quoting!  Other top Quoters in July were Wohltman-Aherin Ins, MH Ins Centre, Runyon Ins, and Draper Ins.  Other top Quoters in August were Glenn Ins, Goodman Ins, Ziegler Jacob, and Koch Ins. Agency.

Wohltman-Aherin Insurance Agency in Dieterich won both months for Production!  Agencies Ins Source was another top producer in July.  Other top producers in August were Koch Ins, Draper Ins, Dimond Bros in Centralia, Imming Ins, and Bryant Ins.

Congratulations and thank you everyone!  We are so proud and grateful to work with great agents like you!  Be on the lookout for social media spotlights on the winners!