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2023 Instructional Videos

Video: Website Intro

Video: How to do a Farm Quote

More to come!

In addition to our videos, please let us know if you’d like some one-on-one time, either virtually or in person, to better understand something. Also, please let us know if there’s another video you would like to see in the future! Email

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Did you miss the Cardinals Ticket Giveaways this summer or the notice about our IMT Dashboard Review in November?? We use an email system to notify agents of our updates. All registered agents/CSRs are included in this mailing list. If you are not receiving these messages for some reason, please contact Jenna or Sarah, or sign up below. Please make sure we are on your safe senders list. Emails will come from

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Online Quoting is Available for Homes and Farms!

Great News!!  You may now quote homeowners AND Farm policies online through the IMT “Vector” Quoting System!  It works best for small farms and we are still working out some kinks, but please give it a try!  We hope to continually improve the system.  Here is a re-share below of our tutorial from 2017.  Please call Christine with questions on Farms and Liz with questions on Homes, and they will be happy to help you!

Simply log in to the Agents IMT Dashboard and click on “New Quote”.  Once you create a quote, you can access it through the “Quotes/Apps” button.  IMT held a webinar tutorial for our Agents on April 11, 2017.  You may watch the webinar video through the link below.   If you do not wish to use the quoting system, don’t worry.  You can still email quote requests to our underwriters.  If you have any questions or would like to provide feedback, please contact us!  We’ve worked very hard on this system and hope it works well for you!!


ISOnet Fire Protection Website

We have partnered with ISOnet to bring you the capability to look up fire protection classes!  Look for the link at the top right of the screen or you may click HERE.  We made a short instructional video to help you navigate:  ISO Instructional Video

Claims Reminder

If you need to turn in a claim for one of your insureds, the most efficient way to expedite the claim is to submit it through our online IMT Dashboard system.  This is the most direct path to an adjuster and notifies them immediately.  To do it, simply look up your insured through Web Inquiry and click “Submit Claim” in the upper right corner of the screen.  This tool is only available to agents.  Stay safe everyone!

Obsolescence, Age, Diminished Value, Fading, Wear and Tear Limitation (HMIC 446 07-19)

Effective 7-1-19, the Obsolescence, Age, Diminished Value, Fading, Wear and Tear Limitation (HMIC 446 07-19) will be added to all policies (renewal and new business).
Some background:
The Insurance Code of the State of Illinois and our Insurance Policies do not require matching. For example, if the siding or roof on a dwelling has physical damage caused by a covered peril on one side, we are not required to replace the other sides that were not physically damaged by a covered peril. Matching, fading, obsolescence, age, and wear and tear issues are not considered direct physical damage caused by a covered peril under the Code or the Policy. This is the way we have adjusted and settled claims for many years.
Recently, there has been some movement in the court system to require matching, etc. However, the Code and our Policies have not changed. In an attempt to make this clear to our insured, we have decided to add this Endorsement to all policies. This Endorsement does not change the way we have been adjusting and settling claims. It just puts it in writing and makes it a part of the policy to make our intent clear to the insured. Without this Endorsement, there is the possibility the courts could interpret the policy differently.
This information was also sent out through our Constant Contact email system on 5/24/2019.  Please let Sarah know if you did not receive it so we can verify your email address.  A copy of this form is available on our Applications and Forms tab.

New Discounts Available 1/1/2019!

Effective November 1, 2018, we are no longer rating based on credit!  If you run into an issue on the online quoting system, please call our office and we will override it.

These discounts can also be found in our 2019 Underwriting Manual on page 7 for homes and page 35 for farms.  The manual is located on our Applications and Forms tab.

We have also included Smart Home Technology in our Security Discounts!

Did You Know?

That we offer Non-Depreciation of Repairs on Farm Personal Property?  399 (RC) 1-09

We have new flyers for Equipment Breakdown.  Find them on the Applications & Forms Tab!

We also have a flyer for our new Service Line Coverage.  Find it in the post below!

Service Line Coverage Available

Effective 10/1/2018, Heartland Mutual will begin offering “Service Line Coverage.”  Copies of the forms are available below and will be in our Endorsement Manual when they become effective.

“This is an optional, premium bearing endorsement that can be attached on new business, renewal, change of coverage, or an anniversary.”  “This endorsement provides up to $10,000 for loss or damage resulting from a service line failure, subject to a $500 deductible.  This coverage applies to exterior/underground water/sewer piping, power lines, and ground loop piping that connects to a heat pump.  Coverage applies to dwellings only.”

456 (HG) 01-16 (Home)

456 (RC) 07-14 (Farm)

Service Line Coverage Flyer GMRC 2011 (08-17)

Direct Deposit Commissions

We are in the process of setting up direct deposit commissions!  If you would like to enroll, the form can be found on our applications & forms tab along with instructions.  You already have access to your commission statements through the IMT Dashboard.  In an effort to streamline this process and reduce paper, we will no longer mail copies of the statements once our direct deposit system is in place.  Please call our office with any questions.

Instructions: Accessing-Commission-Statements