How we made our name.


Mutual Concept

Rooted in 1752

Benjamin Franklin began the mutual concept in Philadelphia in 1752. He reasoned that if people pooled their resources, they could protect each other against financial ruin due to fire. By helping each other, no individual would suffer a great financial burden.


Mutual Concept

Makes its way to Belleville’s Courthouse steps and the Board is formed.

In 1870, Chrisostomus Boul, a local farmer who believed strongly in this concept, traveled around the county visiting with fellow farmers, urging them to join in a Society of mutual protection against loss by fire. Over 120 farmers agreed with Boul’s plan. On February 1, 1871, a meeting was held at the St. Clair County Courthouse in Belleville with 82 farmers attending. Nine were elected to the Board of Directors. Augustus Chenot was named President of the Board.



Farmers Mutual Fire Insurance Society of St. Clair County

On February 25, 1871, the Board of Directors meeting was held in the Grand Jury room of the Courthouse in Belleville. Four distinct organizational plans were presented. The Board of Directors voted to accept a proposal to unite as a mutual protecting Society, without charter, and bound to each other by a pledge signed by each member. The organization would be known as Farmers Mutual Fire Insurance Society of St. Clair County Illinois. Only property in St. Clair County was to be insured by the Society; however, no property “located inside towns or cities” would be insured. The office of the Society was located in West Belleville.


New Legislation

Membership grows at more than 100 per year

By March 1883, the Society had grown to 1,438 members. On June 2, 1883, it was resolved to organize in accordance with Illinois State Law as a County Insurance Company. The Company became known as Belleville, St. Clair County Farmers Mutual Fire Insurance Company. Assets and Liabilities belonging to the Society in the amount of $2,661 were transferred to the new company with a risk in force of $421,392.


Near Century Mark

Property Insurance Begins

On April 7, 1965, the Board of Directors voted to shorten the Company’s name to Belleville, County Mutual Fire Insurance Company and begin insuring property in neighboring counties.


On July 23, 1983, the company announces their 100th year anniversary. and hosted a commemorative party for their insureds.



And another new name

The Company continued to grow and once again changed their name to Belleville Mutual Insurance Company. On March 18, 1987, during the Board of Directors meeting, the vote was to extend coverage to 9 additional counties (for a total of 15) and to obtain authority from the Illinois Department of Insurance to write windstorm and hail coverage



To support risk

On January 1, 2003, Denver Mutual Insurance Company in Newton, IL was merged into Belleville Mutual Insurance Company.


On January 1, 2004, Washington County Mutual Fire Insurance Company in Addieville, IL was merged in also. The writing territory remained at 37 counties, with over $800 million risk in force and assets of $4.5 million.


In 2005 Belleville Mutual Insurance Company changed its name and log to become Heartland Mutual Insurance Company.


On January 1, 2016 our company once again grew in size by acquiring Calhoun County Insurance Company. Our current Board President, Rich Neff, was also elected in 2016. At this point our company stood with 65 counties in our writing territory, over $1.7 billion risk in force and assets in excess of $6.3 million.


In August of 2017, following suit with Grinnell Mutual’s re-branding campaign, we launched our new logo.


As of December 31, 2021 Heartland Mutual Insurance Company writes in 69 counties (with more to come!), has 73 Agencies writing our products, has over $2.1 billion risk in force, and assets in excess of $7.5 million.


We write in 82 Total Counties with 73 or so Agencies and $2.2 Billion Risk in Force and Assets more than $7.9 Million


Proudly celebrating 140 years of service in 2023!

Honoring Our Board Presidents

Joseph Veile

1883 - 1886

Augustus Chenot

1887 - 1890

George Schnerger

1890 - 1891

Augustus Chenot

1891 - 1897

George Schnerger

1897 - 1900

James H. Atkinson

1900 - 1906

E. B. Ogle

1906 - 1907

Henry Lang

1907 - 1939

Erwin W. Seibert

1939 - 1962

Roland G. Eidman

1962 - 1978

Clifford M.

1978 - 1988


1988 - 1994

Don Koenig

1994 - 2005

Les Mehrtens

2005 - 2016

Richard Neff

2016 - Present